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GFA Enfield dominates the AFD Cup Tournament!

We had 12 teams from Under 7 to Under 12 representing our club at the AFD Tournament which was played on Saturday 30th June in East London.

Our teams absolutely dominated the day with an outstanding club effort all round simply superb! There are simply too many stories on the day to cover so to break it all down heres what happened:

UNDER 7 LIONS – Cup Winners

UNDER 8 LIONS – Cup Winners

UNDER 10 LIONS – Cup Winners

UNDER 11 TIGERS – Shield Winners

UNDER 12 TIGERS – Shield Winners

UNDER 9 LIONS – Shield Runners Up

UNDER 9 TIGERS – Cup Runners Up

UNDER 10 TIGERS – Cup Runners Up

UNDER 11 LIONS – Shield Runners Up

Fantastic from all our teams across the club from Under 7s to Under 12s simply superb! An awesome 9 trophies in one day not sure we can surpass that?

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Stelios Triteos

Stelios Triteos

GFA Enfield Academy Director